Easy with us for One-stop casting service, want to try?

In-house Several Processes can be easily Customizing Precision Casting Iron executed by experienced technocrats.

Our vast manufacturing capabilities enables us to complete production in the shortest delivery time.
Strong manufacturing capacity covering a variety of processing technology: CNC processing, surface treatment, etc.
CF is deeply trusted by the client.those famous brands from a wide range of industries have been chosen us.

1.Send us your request

Send us your detail requirement with the drawing

2.Analysis for a competitive quotation

We perform a manufacturability design analysis and make an offer within 48hours.

3.Start Mould Production

We would start making mould in-house after the project is confirmed. Core and Tooling is coming too.

4.Sample Approval

We would send you samples with strict QC.

5.Mass Production

We can start mass production with experience & Skillful Craftsman to meet the unique requirement,after the sample is approved.


We can deliver the precision cast iron quickly.

We Promise to Protect our Property TOGETHER: DRAWING.

Quick delivery All in-house for mould,tooling,casting,machining and surface treatment.

Mass production with customize treatment Ideal for Precesion Cast Iron with different combinations of finishing,tolerances and markers. We also provide measurement reports.

Internal quality control Strict QC is to ensure that the internal quality control