Casting the future

Made from Metal Powder with experience & Skillful Craftman to meet the unique requirement

We desire to be Preferred Global Partner for YOUR FOUNDRY, not only manufacturering what you need, but also committing to offer whole chain service. Made with our experiences and expertise based on thousands of moulds and tooling ; whatever only give us a drawing only, whatever you need elctropheries or dipping paint, whichever products or design; the operability is reliable from us to you.

One of te world's most widely used casting processes becz of the many advantages

We Make Mould By Ourself

In-house well-equiped Mould Workshop,include our own CNC machining centers, lathes and milling machines, spark erosion machines and a polishing system.   

Turning your drawing or sample

into pattern made specifically for casting purposes .Grinding and machining to ensure an accurate dimension of the product.

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Full Equiped Lab in House at Cinacasting Foundry
Test Instrument for Impact, Tensile, Hardness and Salt Spray; Ultrasonic Flaw-Detecting Machine; Spectrongraph; Material Analyzer