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Involving in Foundry around 50yrs; starting from grassroots at Casting & Machining together in charge of QC and R & D; Production Management and Marketing since 2004, very rich expertise and experiences for Iron Casting in various industries; good capability for one stop foundry  from drawing to Precision Cast Iron with a focus on better sight.





 We desire to be Preferred Global Partner as YOUR FOUNDRY, not only manufacturering what you need, but also committing to offer whole chain service. Made with our experiences and expertise based on thousands of moulds and tooling ; whatever only give us a drawing only, whatever you need elctropheries or dipping paint, whichever products or design; the operability is reliable from us to you.

Environment | Social | Management

At our foundry,we are fully committed to more sustainable business for the benefit and development.Not only produce Premium Cast Iron,but also ensure the place is Safety where we operate/produce.Continuously reducing the waste by our hand with brain;we handle the waste by our own machine.We built the necessary environmental system together. Through  these activities from us work with heart,we are trying our best  to enhance creating the value of the society and community for sustained growth.

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